Cory Lednum & Justin Lednum



Cousins Cory and Justin are your ticket to a successful trip on the deck. 

As the career of a sportfishing professional evolves, the position of mate is critically important.  For some, it’s the first job in which they are paid to fish.  For Cory and Justin it is a true lifestyle.  Raised on the Eastern shore with one foot on deck and the other in the woods this duo is out to impress.  The mate’s responsibilities vary from boat to boat but fundamentally they involve fishing, rigging baits, cleaning and learning how to maintain the boat and operate the many systems that comprise a modern sportfisherman.  With knowledge of everything that goes into a sportfishing program from bilge to tower and stem to stern.

Both cousins have worked on competitive boats professionally for years.  Cory has covered ground from the Atlantic Seaboard to the depths of Costa Rica on very successful tournament boats.  In combination, they have both fished and worked all of the major tournaments in the area as well as competitions around the world. 

In cahoots with the name of our charter “On The Hunt”, the cousins are avid hunters in the offseason traveling to the game in some of the most remote places in the states.  

Depending on the trip size and length you will spend a good part of the day conversing with Justin and Cory.  No worries, they love answering questions about sportfishing and educating new angles on techniques and different styles of offshore fishing.