Ocean City Charter Boat Boat Rules

Just a couple things to keep everyone safe while we are on the water and a couple to keep the boat in order.

  • Charter customers are not allowed to bring aboard firearms of any kind.  No drugs or contraband are allowed on board.  Smoking is permitted only in the open cockpit area.
  • Federal and Maritime Laws require that we can allow only a reasonable amount of canned beer (no glass bottles, hard liquor, or wine).  Important; if a party member becomes intoxicated, as determined by the captain, for the safety of everyone on our boat, we are required to return to the dock without any refunds.  We take your safety very seriously.
  • For you safety, please wear either non-slip boating shoes, sneakers or athletic shoes.  Please do not wear black soled boots or black soled sneakers because the marks are extremely hard to remove from our decking.
  • Leave coolers in vehicle to pack fish.
  • The mates work as a team and therefore works for a tip together.  It is customary to tip a minimum of 20% for a great day on the water with a hard working crew.
  • Bad Weather: We always want to go fishing but your safety is going to be our main concern.  Unless you have heard from the captain ahead of time, please plan on being at the dock at the appointed time no matter what the weather looks like.  If the situation is questionable, your captain can discuss your options.  If it is necessary to cancel your trip, the normal options are to reschedule the reservation date or return your deposit in full. 
  • “No shows” will not get a return of the deposit.
  • While you are fishing on our boat your fishing license will be provided by the boat.